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Salzburg - Museum of Modern Art

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
Museum of Modern Art Our third day in Salzburg was a bit more relaxed. We knew we had less to pack into the day today and we were more familiar wit the city, cutting down on our travel time as well as map checking time. We set out a little later than usually, around 9am, and by the time we walked out the door we could tell something was different. Half the roads were cut off or derailed due to a giant marathan that was happening throughout the streets of Salzburg. We had missed the big start off but we saw runners periodically throughout the day. IMGP3852
Here is a view of the event from up high! But how did we get here you ask....well.... IMGP3862
The first stop on our day was the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg. The Museum is both special for its collection and the fact that it is located above the whole town. We set out downtown to get to the giant elevator that took us up through the rocks and up to the museum above. The museum was free, which was a surprise, since it was free museum week in Salzburg and throughout the week different museums were free throughout the week. It would have been cool to know this more in advance but it was an interesting event that Salzburg was having and more cities should do the same - but it promote it a whole lot more.
DSC_0037 DSC_0033
The museum was really fun. This is a self portrait mirror that Sarah and I played with. I think Sarah's rendition was much better than my own. They both turned out to be really funny looking. The installations were my favorite pieces I saw throughout the whole place. I'm a big art history dork, so I prefer the 13th century religious triptych paintings but it was a really nice museum and we really enjoyed what we got to see there.
Museum of Modern Art
Above you can see the museum in all it's glory. After we finished at the museum we set out on the walking path that lead around the top of this ridge that looked down over the city. Since all the signs were in German we had no idea if we could get out but we set out on an adventure anyways. The view from here was incredible and although it was raining we had a wonderful time exploring the city from above - pointing out all the places we've been - as well as checking out the houses on the
Above Salzburg
Here I am looking like a drowned rat but check out the gorgeous Baroque city behind me, full of onion topped domes. After walking along the ridge for a while we started to realize we might have to walk all the way across to the other end of the city to get down....we did not like this prospect as we had other stuff to do. We searched and searched and finally we found some stairs downwards....but they appeared to be under contsuction. We couldn't see past the barrier or underneath the tarps, nor could we read the German signs so we stood there wondering about our fate. Do we spend another few hours walking? Or brave the possibly perilous walk down. A few minutes later some German speaking tourists broke through the barrier on the ground level and made it up to us, so we figured we would be safe. The stairs had not be carved yet, so the journey as a steep incline but worth the risk and the reward.
Sneaking down to the old town
Once downstairs we got to see the outside of the famous Salzburg Steintheater (Rock Theatre. The Rock Theatre is the oldest of all the Opera Houses in Salzburg and is most famous for being the main theater at the end of the Sound of Music. But more on that later when we will go inside the theatres on our Opera Theatre tour.
DSC_0037 DSC_0033

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