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Salvation Through Jesus

By Ldsapologetics
Salvation is simple to some but complex to others. Some feel that we must submit to God and simply believe that Christ is The Savior and we achieve Salvation.
I think the path to Salvation is a simple concept but difficult to truly follow.
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. John 3:17So many are quick to deny Salvation to those they feel are unworthy but God has a different plan. One in which all may be saved. Even on one's death bed Salvation is possible. And according to LDS doctrine one can reach Salvation in the afterlife.But how is it one person achieves Salvation while another does not?I think it has to do with how we live our lives. All of Jesus' teachings and all the law and prophets hang on the two greatest commandments which are to love God and to love our neighbors, enemies and all God's children.And loving others as Jesus loves us.Sounds simple but it's a hard task for most of us. Most of us want to have exceptions that let us hate our enemies and love only those who are good to us but this is not what Jesus taught. Jesus taught us to love all of God's children without exceptions. And it's not that living with that Christlike love entitles us to Salvation. It's that living that way is Salvation. It is building up the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. It's actin like Christ as do all those who are in Heaven.When Jesus healed people who's faith did He say made them whole? His? No. He said the faith of the person being healed is what made them whole.Part of what stops people from loving their enemies is that they have little to no faith that loving our enemies is a practical teaching. They'll tell you it sounds nice but Jesus couldn't have really meant it.But if we have the faith that loving others as Christ loves us is good, that's it's the better plan, that it will make the world a brewer place, then we will see the fruits of our labor. Because those were the fruits of Christ's labor and life and ministry.Christ never held a public office, He was not an Earthly King, He never wrote any book scripture or otherwise, He did change the world though and more so than anyone else. He did it one leper, one adulteress, and one blind man at a time.We can change the world one person at a time as well. One homeless person, one Muslim person, one gay person, one person with different political ideologies, one single mom, one of God's unloved children at a time. Love is the key.Salvation Through Jesus

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