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Salme Dahlstrom: Pop Propaganda Vol. 1: Bang

Posted on the 26 May 2013 by Hctf @hctf
Salme Dahlstromphoto: Bryce Prevatte

Salme Dahlstrom made her precious album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade a commercial success by licensing all the songs to major ad campaigsn. Her new project is a 3-part EP series. Pop Propaganda Vol. 1: Bang kicks offs with five songs that have dance floor filler written all over them.

Blatantly mainstream she picks up the ball that Madonna dropped about fifteen years ago. The ad guys will be knocking on her door again, begging her to allow to use the lead single Sexy Punk or Talented Girl her update of the Swing Era.

Salme Dahlstrom: Pop Propaganda Vol. 1: Bang

Pop Propaganda Vol. 1: Bang is released on Kontainer Music. Buy it from CD Baby or download from iTunes. Release date: June 7th.

  1. Sexy Punk
  2. Talented Girl
  3. 5 Hot Party Boys
  4. Let's Get To It
  5. Yeah x 3 (bonus track)

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By steelerkid
posted on 26 May at 17:47
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What is so wrong with making music that someone else wants to pay lots of money to use? I don't get it. I think sexy punk is an awesome song, very much what is happening in todays edm world. your remarks are just...nothing.