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Salad Days

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart

Salad days

"Salad days" 20 x 20 by Kerry Steele

Thank you Charmaine! It seems resizing the pictures works. Wheew! I am still playing with what size looks right. I was just posting some recently completed paintings today. "Salad days" would best be described as painting a fragrance from memory. Do you remember the smell of certain perfumes that adults close to you wore when you were a child? That is "Salad days" to me.

Salad days

"My husband loved Bo Schembechler" 20 x 20 by Kerry Steele

About a month ago, my husband said, "You should do a football painting so that more men would buy your art." Take a minute and imagine the look on my face. Luckily, he clarified his ridiculous statement by saying, "still an abstract like always but in a team's colors...like Michigan." So here is my Michigan painting.
Here is a bad nighttime picture of a large commission I am working on. Its a very gray day so I doubt I could do much better at the moment.
Salad days

Thanks again Charmaine!

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