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Sailing Bali’s Eastern Shoreline

By Leonoras


Yesterday afternoon we went on a lovely afternoon sail and snorkel around Padangbai. It was a boiling hot day and after a late lunch we decided we needed to find a way onto the water.

We wandered over to the beach and Jesse started chatting with several locals tending to their sailboats on the sand. One agreed to take us out for a few hours for 300,000 rp (roughly $30), which was a good enough deal for us. And off we went!




Our captain didn’t speak any English at all, but he knew exactly where to take us for excellent snorkeling. We powered north from Padangbai into the neighboring bay, where the water was crystal clear and we were able to see tons of fish and all kinds of coral just feet below our fins.

After an hour or so in the water, we hopped back aboard the trimaran, put up the sail, and headed off for a sail around the bay. The sun was slowly setting behind the mountains and we were actually able to sail at quite a clip with a nice late afternoon wind guiding us along and out into the ocean. We sailed right by our house, perched up in the cliff side above the bay, and alongside a giant cruise ship anchored out for the night. 





It was so wonderful to be back on the ocean, able to enjoy the wonderful warm water, and watch the sun set over Padangbai from a small boat smoothly drifting along the coastline. Hoping to find our way aboard a fishing boat later this week so we can find us some barracuda to fry up for dinner!

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