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Sahara, Finally

By Agnes


Agnes sahara


Reached our camp site last night.

Let's just say nowhere in the whole world would I'd rather be right now than right here, under the Saharan sky. No wifi here (obviously) so I am not sure how and when this will post & in what sequence things might or might not appear here, but it goes with the territory: In the Sahara there is no such thing as time. 


Camp in the sahara

We each have a tent, we have all the space and time and we have each others' company (world class company!). 

My tent

Sun going down

Camp fire

waking up in the sahara

I did have a few visitors last night in the form of wild donkeys (and some freezing temperatures) but let me tell you, the desert sky makes it all, including the loooong journey to get here more than worth it. 

Tent in the sahara

sunrise in the sahara

Agnes: If it's the same latitude here as it is in Tampa then how come the Sahara is a desert and Tampa is not?

Ernie: The Sahara is a desert because it wants to be a desert. 

Agnes: You mean you think it has a soul?

Ernie: I don't know. Maybe. 

Ernie does, once in a while say something that makes words worth having. The rest of time he just keeps Lucky and I endlessly entertained by his various expectations (skim milk macciato is my current favorite).

I am gonna log off, no internet anyway, talk to you once back in civilization.


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