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Sagittarius – The Three Suns

By Luphil

From a spiritual point of view, the sun of our solar system is a threefold principle. The visible sun is only the focal point for the action of a greater sun called the central sun or the soul of the sun. And the cosmic sun is the spirit aspect of the solar principle. This cosmic or spiritual sun is invisible and incomprehensible to us. The central sun, around which our sun moves, corresponds to the human soul. The physical body of the sun corresponds to our physical body. Everything is threefold in its manifestation.

The physical sun has its correspondence in our heart center. The soul of the sun has its seat in the Ajna center on the middle of the forehead, and the cosmic sun is located in the head centre, the Sahasrara. In the Gayatri mantram, the three planes of the sun are called Surya, Savitru and Bhargo Deva. The cosmic plane of the sun is Bhargo Deva. Savitru, the central sun, receives the light of the soul from the cosmic sun and gives it to Surya. Through Surya, the visible sun, the earth receives its light and we receive the light in our hearts. Thus, we have the cosmic, solar and planetary systems embedded in us.

For the human silhouette in the center of the image, I edited a photo of the writer. I designed the background with a photo of a sunrise and elements of a NASA photo of a star nebula. The sun in the heart was created with photos of the sun. The electric blue light of the sun in the Ajna center leads beyond the shape of the body. The radiant center at the top of the image suggests the formless, invisible cosmic sun.

The luminous central line merges into the light as individual consciousness gradually unites with universal consciousness. The semicircles in the lower part of the picture symbolize the different density levels from space to earth.

The symbolism of Sagittarius is visualised in the twelve Sagittarius paintings done between 2010 and 2021. For detailed detailed descriptions please see the website.

Sagittarius – The Three Suns2 September 2021, pencils and photo work

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