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Sacrificial Cabbage?

By Sue15cat
Sacrificial Cabbage?
I have no idea what this is!  
I'm guessing cabbage, but it could also be a Purple Sprouting Broccoli gone mad, a seed fell through the workbench last year and grew in with the radishes, I had no idea what it was by the time it had gotten a bit bigger so I transplanted it to this bed and watched it develop.  Anyway it's been pulled up now and fed to the chickens ... I just wanted to keep them busy and out of the bloody polytunnel for a while so it was a sacrificial offering.  
It worked and they stayed where they should be and had a great feast while I got on with some planting and re-potting with the polytunnel doors open without having to shoo a chicken out every ten minutes.  The sooner they are back in their original Chicken World and have more to do the better, my Veggie Patch and polytunnel will be safe again.  
Knowing how busy my little lot keep themselves makes me feel even sorrier for caged and barn reared birds ... but even my pampered little crew are not allowed to entertain themselves on my veggies!!
Sue xx 

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