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S-duck on You!

By Slvintage @SLVintage
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S-DUCK ON YOU!You'll think I've gone to the birds when I say that today's blog features duct tape!  This incredibly strong and sticky stuff was invented in 1942 by the Johnson & Johnson company.  Its original use was to keep moisture out of ammunition cases.  Because of its waterproof qualities, people dubbed it "duck tape".  The name may have also derived from cotton duck which was one of its components.  People in the military learned quickly what a versatile tool this tape was, so they used it to fix their guns, jeeps and even air crafts.   After WWII, it was easily adapted into the booming housing industry by connecting heating and air conditioning duct work together.  Soon the colour went from army issue green to the grey we see today, to match the duct work, so people started referring to it as 'duct tape'.  The 1970's brought new life to duct tape with the collaboration of Manco Inc.  The tape was shrink-wrapped into small rolls for ease of use and it became available in different grades and colours. 
OK, hang on!  What does any of this have to do anything?  'Duck' brand stores are being very innovative with their advertising and product lines.  One of their famous promotions is called "Stuck on Prom".  High school students are asked to design and create prom dresses and tuxes using the various types of duck tape in the company's inventory.  The winner(s) will get scholarship money for the university of their choice.  Have a look at some of last year's entries.  They are cool, creative and some definitely have that retro twist:

Stuck at Prom® 2011 Grand Prize Winners - Lindsay & Jarrid

All images courtesy of

Stuck at Prom® 2011 Finalists - Celeste & Nora

Stuck at Prom® 2011 Finalists - Sarah & Johnathan

Stuck at Prom® 2011 Finalists - Kristin & Hunter

Stuck at Prom® 2011 Finalists - Hannah & Luke

Stuck at Prom® 2011 Finalists - Mitzi & Cody

Stuck at Prom® 2011 Finalists - Chelsey & Alexander

I am so impressed with these amazing outfits.  There's a lot of talent out there.  I can't wait to see what this year's entries will look like.  There is a famous Canadian character called Red Green.  He is the ultimate advocate of this strong adhesive.  His film "Duct Tape Forever" will always be in our hearts.  He would be proud of this competition!

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