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RV Window Seals Keep Shrinking; How Do We Fix Shrunken Seals?

Posted on the 16 April 2021 by Palmgear @PalmgearBlog

Windows are the best part of RV. I mean, who wouldn't want to look at lush green trees and snowy mountains or rain while traveling. Windows make you connected to the world outside or who would like to travel in a box with no light coming through and no view to see.

Windows are multi-purposed; if you want sunlight, you can slide away from the curtains. If you want fresh air, you can pull the windows open. If you want to sleep peacefully in the dark, you can pull curtains over your windows. So, everyone loves having windows in their houses and vehicles.

But something that comes in your way of having fun through windows is the shrunken seals. If the seals are shrunken, you will face the problem in heavy rain. Also, the air spaces in the windows create fog, and of course, in winters, your heater will not work properly.

However, shrunken seals are not a big deal. You can fix them yourself in no time. All you need to do is find the area where it needs to be mended. If there are two people repairing it becomes easier to mend it. If you are working, the other person can assist you if the window is fixed back properly.

Get some sealing tapes.

The most convenient thing that can be used for fixing shrunken seals is to use sealing tapes. These tapes usually come with an RV repairing kit, and just in case if you don't have one, you can get these from any convenience store. They are the easiest to use as they are exactly the standard size required for your windows. You do not need to cut or reshape them at all.

But if you are using some other sealing tapes rather than the standard ones, you must handle them with care. While cutting the extra piece of tape, make sure that you do not pull too hard on it, or you would tear the tape attached to the seal. The good thing about sealing tapes is that they can permanently help to protect the shrunken seals.

Blower or hairdryer

Mostly the window seals get shrunken in winter or rainy seasons, and the glass does not get fixed in the window hooks properly. So, the best remedy is to give the seals a blow of hot air. Hairdryers or blowers are best suited for this purpose.

Once you turn your hairdryer on, bringing it close to the seal but not too much closer, keep it at least 5cm apart from the seal. Adjusting the heat level to medium, gently blow the hot air on it. By doing this, the window seal would expand. Now, if you fix the glass in position with it, it would get back to its exact place.

Using silicon as an adhesive

Silicon is an excellent adhesive and can repair almost all things ranging from plastic to metals and even glass. For this purpose, you need to remove your RV window first. So, it is a little tricky. You should take great care that your window glass does not break.

The window frame is attached to the RV with the help of screws, so ensure that you have removed all the screws before displacing the window glass. Once your window is removed, apply silicon at the corners. Allow it to sit for some time and then readjust your window back. Silicon is tricky to handle but acts as the best adhesive once your window is locked in place.

When and why exactly should you repair your shrunken seals?

There is no time fixed when you should repair your shrunken seals but changing them soon is advisable. Actually, the main harm those shrunken seals bring is that it creates air spaces in your RV so that your air conditioners and heaters would not work properly to regulate your RV temperature.

These devices consume a lot of energy, so if you leave holes and spaces for air and fog to come, these devices would have to work harder, and ultimately more gasoline and engine power would be consumed. So, it is better to mend your shrunken seals as soon as possible.

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