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*RUSH Salons : My New Hair*

By Dottydolly @jadearchibald1
A little while back, the lovely Kate at RUSH salons contacted me to ask if i'd like to review a cut/colour & treatment at one of the popular salons in London! Seeing as I live in Newcastle & only visit London every few weeks It was difficult to try and fit in an appointment! Fortunately, I was there last week so Kate booked me in at the salon on the Strand! (Near my favorite place, Covent Garden). Because I'm lucky to have a best friend as a hair dresser I haven't actually had the 'salon experience' in a few years! So as you can imagine, I was incredibly excited about an afternoon of being pampered, chatting away & drinking copious amounts of tea! I've never been to a RUSH salon before, so was a little unaware of what to expect! However, after the help of Apple Maps (I really am useless with directions) I made it to the gorgeous salon to be greeted by the lovely, and very polite staff! They took my coat, sat me down & asked what i'd like to drink! (I was also delighted when my tea & glass of water was accompanied by some delicious Lindor chocolates - yum.) I was then introduced to Jodie (who would be doing my hair) and we had a little chat about my hair type, length & it's original colour, to work out what would be the best 'new hair style' for me! She knew exactly what she was talking about, which gave me so much confidence! I've always been terrified of hairdressers just cutting all my hair off and giving me a style i don't like! (Yes, i'm very protective over my rather long locks!) So it was great to have a say in what i wanted, and also to be guided correctly as to what would best suite me! Because i already had ombre hair (which had ruined my ends) we decided to cut it off, give me a few more layers to shape my hair and go a very rich, coppery red! It was a big change for me, but i honestly couldn't be more delighted! The next few pictures show you my transformation! ;)
*RUSH Salons : My new hair**RUSH Salons : My new hair*
*RUSH Salons : My new hair**RUSH Salons : My new hair**RUSH Salons : My new hair**RUSH Salons : My new hair*I had the most amazing afternoon, and was so impressed with not just the staff & end result of my hair, but also the layout and design of the salon! It had that perfect element of 'luxury', yet very professional, too! I think it's so important to feel confident in hair stylists, because lets face it, it's our hair that gives us confidence! We all need to be happy with the way we look, and finding the right salon for you can make that happen! Despite this being my first experience with RUSH salons i'm already planning when to go back! I've found my perfect colour, perfect length and most importantly, the perfect hair dressers!
The 2012/2013 London hairdressers of the year are conveniently based all over London, so make sure to pop in for an amazing experience or maybe even treat yourself to a Pre-New Year hair cut? ;) I promise you won't be disappointed. I'd also love to know what you think of my new hair? xxx

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