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Running in Hawaii!!!

By Maryjo
Running in Hawaii!!!

Hi Remember me? I know, I know, I’ve been slacking in my little corner of the blog world lately. That’s mostly because I have been super busy with work, packing for a special trip and a kitchen remodel!

Running in Hawaii!!!

So let me tell you who ran a half marathon in the state of Hawaii?!

Running in Hawaii!!!

Yup, the Hubs and I were able to run in the beautiful state of Hawaii on the Hawaiian Running Cruise with John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield. Yeah, we can now color in a new state on our map.

Running in Hawaii!!!

I started writing this recap on the way home since I had the time .That’s because it’s a 8 HOUR FLIGHT HOME!

On the way out, we grabbed a direct flight to Honolulu, Oahu and spent a couple of wet days on the island before getting on the ship. We were here just in time for Tropical Storm Olivia. But we didn’t care–because we were on vacation!

Running in Hawaii!!!
We picked up our BFFs and headed to O’Hare airport to hit a 10:10am flight. There we met with a bunch of other mid westerners who were also cruising with us.

Running in Hawaii!!!
Let me tell you driving during rush-hour to the city kind of sucks. But once we got there, we didn’t care–because we were on vacation!


We arrived at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort Hotel after being in the air for 9 hours.

Running in Hawaii!!!

It felt so good to just move around. After some beach exploring and dinner on our own, we headed back to our room because we were exhausted. I know boring….

Running in Hawaii!!!

This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime remarkable trip. I say “once-in-a-lifetime” because  it was “slightly” expensive. And I say “remarkable” because the Marathon Expedition and John and Jenny really make active trips exciting and fun. And there’s so many location choices to pick from on the Marathon Expedition website. Check them out!

Tomorrow expect a post about the Pre-cruise days we had in Honolulu! And I’ll be throwing in helpful hints for each day if you ever decide to try this cruise.  Just know that as a runner–you want to run in Hawaii on this cruise.

So I apologize now for loading up your inbox this week. But I HAVE to share with you all our wonderful adventures. Plus didn’t you miss us????

Helpful Hints

  • Pack for it all: We had wet, dry, and hot weather.
  • Transportation to the hotel is easy to find. You can plan a shuttle or grab a taxi (just beware-taxis are pricey ($50-$60). We grabbed the Express Shuttle and it was $16 a person.
  • Plan on everything being expensive… Come on, it’s Hawaii!
  • If you are flying United, download their app. They provided free movies on your device which helps the flight go faster.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled for a race?

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