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Running in Buenos Aires

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Probably the first thing to highlight on this subject is the total lack of proper running shoes available in the shops of Buenos Aires. Speaking from experience I recall traipsing around the capital for several days in a vain attempt to purchase a suitable pair of running shoes. Since then I have been to the U.K and returned with some asics.

If you enjoy running it is advisable to be filmed on a treadmill by a specialist. This can be normally done in a specialist running shop or a competent gym. From this you will be given a suitable pair of running shoes that is in accordance to your running style.  It’s also a good idea to buy a few pairs of running socks to ensure maximum strength and comfort. However it is impossible to do this in Buenos Aires. So if you wish to run regularly and comfortably around BA, then buy your running shoes prior to arriving. Failing that try to convince a friend or a friend of a friend to bring the trainers with them.

Running shoes Running in Buenos Aires

Real running shoes

You can off course run in standard trainers and these can be very readily purchased in every BA high Street. You can also find the odd running trainer but from my experience the shop assistants were clueless to the varying running styles. Essentially a roll of the dice for an expensive pair of Nike or Adidas running shoes.  Regardless of what running shoes you may or may not have, it is advisable to warm up but more importantly to warm down. Good leg stretches will always help recovery and especially if you are running without proper running shoes.

So whether you are running with or without the proper running shoes, here is a few running routes for you;

(1)   Parque Ecolgica – Puerto Madero

This is by far the best place to run in Buenos Aires. It has several interesting routes with the circumference stretching 10km. It is blessed with an amazing array of bird life, next to the river, tranquil, has clean air and is relatively uncongested for running.

If you life in Puerto Madero then it is perfectly located. Indeed it is accessible on foot from San Telmo, Monserat, Centro,  Retiro and I guess parts of Recoleta. It is possible to run to the park thus reducing your time or indeed you could grab a quick bus. In my mind it is well worth the effort as it is unique to Buenos Aires and far superior to any other running routes in the Capital.

The Park is accessible from two entrances; The first is next to the attractive small roundabout where Av. Espana meets Av. Dr Tristan Achaval Rodriguez . The second entrance is on the same road but at the other end of the park. So at the end of Av. Int Hernan M. Girlt. The Park is open from 8am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday. I believe it is open for an extra hour per day during the summer months.

reserva ecologica  300x225 Running in Buenos Aires

Reserva Ecologica

(2)   The Two lakes – Palermo

I am referring to Palermo lake which you can find as lago de regatas and Rosedal

Rosedal lake 300x225 Running in Buenos Aires

Rosedal Lake

lake around plaza Holanda. The former lake is accessible from parts of Belgrano and parts of Colegiales. The latter lake is accessible from parts of Palermo.  Both lakes are stunning and provide for a very pleasant run.

Just running around one lake is probably insufficient depending on how much booze and late nights have preceded your run. Running around the same lake more than once is a possibility but quite frankly it gets boring. So, assuming you are game, then incorporate both lakes in your run.

To do this you need to run behind the horse racing track and cross the padded bridge before linking up with the other lake. Once you have run the route once it will become very clear.

palermo lake Running in Buenos Aires

Palermo Lake

It probably goes without saying that this run is best done in the morning, afternoon or early evening. In the evening the tranvestites come out to play behind the horse track…. If this puts you off running the route in the morning, afternoon or early evening, then it should not. There are no signs of the tranvestites and it really is a decent run.

(3)   Recoleta

Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of running round the parks of Recoleta. So this suggestion is taken from map my run.

Clearly if you do not want to run the full distance of any of the routes then simply adjust the course to your liking. Even if you just fancy a walk then the suggested routes will be of use.

I think we all agree that BA is a congested city with plenty of pollution. Getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise does wonders for your continual vigor for this great city.

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