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Running For Fitness and Weight Loss

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Running For Fitness and Weight Loss

Running and fitness are like brothers, they go hand in hand. Many people struggle to stay in shape these days and the main problem is simple a lack of exercise. Diet is pretty awful too, with many people consuming too many calories, too much saturate fat and too much sugar and salt.


For the average person just increasing exercise and making a few changes to diet can make a huge difference. However, many people find it hard to find the time to exercise. Whether a working parent with a family to support, a full time parent with children to look after or a workaholic hat has to work 12 hour days to impress the boss and get a better bonus, work and family commitments are often the main reasons why people do not exercise.


You Do Have Time To Run

If you make running your exercise of choice you can easily find the time to exercise in between work and play. A daily run of 15-20 minutes can be enough to control weight by burning calories, improve cardiovascular fitness and help to keep cholesterol and other diseases at bay.

If you run from home your whole workout and shower can take as little as 30-40 minutes in the evening. In fact, running as soon as you get home from a busy and stressful day at work can really help you to relax, lower stress levels and also help to control your appetite.


Running Burns Calories Fast

When we run, not only do we burn calories and set our bodies up to build lean muscle tissue, there is also a release of the PYY hormone which helps to control appetite. If you run before your dinner you will naturally, unconsciously, eat less. Obviously if you force yourself to eat your whole dinner out of habit then you will still eat the same, but if you eat slow and follow your instincts and stop eating when you feel full rather than when your plate it empty, you will eat fewer calories and in time, combined with the running, lose weight.

Of course, the same rule applies to running in the morning. Many people wake up early, go for a morning run, then shower and head off to work. This often results in eating a more modest breakfast, increasing metabolism and feeling more energetic throughout the fay.


Many Health Benefits

Running not only improves physical health by helping you to reduce weight and tone up, it also improves mental health. Studies have also shown that running outdoors has greater benefits than running on a treadmill in a gym.

So whether you want to lose a few pounds, make your heart fitter and healthier, reduce cholesterol or just improve your mood and self esteem, running is a great solution. Ideally you should run 3-5 times a week for the best results. Start slow and build up your distance and speed over time.


Image source: Jon on Pinterest

Jon Wade is a Health Scientist and author of many fitness and health articles. His advice on the benefits of running has helped many people learn how to lose weight and become healthier.

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