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Runaway, Ann Chaplin Q&A + 5 Quick Questions

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Before Ann Chaplin became one third of country music trio , she was a solo artist, writing and performing her own music. And now, as we all work through the upside down times that 2020 have brought us, Ann is back with Runaway, her first solo single since 2013.

We've known Ann since 2014, but we've never known her as a solo artist until now. So, we reached out to talk about Runaway, how it feels to get back into a solo vibe, and we got the Deep River, ON artist to play a round of 5 Quick Questions with us - filmed in the most unique setting of any video we've shared to date.

Big thanks to Ann for taking the time to answer our questions and for releasing this song and giving fans of music something to dig into and share in these weird times.

Q&A with Ann Chaplin

Q) It's been a bit since you released a solo single outside of your work with Runaway Angel, how does it feel to have Runaway out to the world?

Ann) It feels like an eternity! It feels just as great as it feels strange to have Runaway out in the world. I was worried that, although I couldn't be more proud of Runaway Angel, my identity as a solo artist would be lost. It feels good to show people that music is still such a huge part of who I am.

Q) Can you tell us a little more about the song? How long you've had it ready? Why you made the decision to share it now?

Ann) I started writing this song probably over two years ago now, and took it to a writing session with Cadence and Stacey (from Runaway Angel) and Karen Kosowski. I'm so glad I did because they worked their magic and helped me finish it. It's one of my favourite songs I've ever had a hand in. It has been recorded (by the exceptional Adam Newcomb) for about a year now. Quite honestly, it was not initially intended for public release but I have such a connection with it. People have a need for music right now just has heavily as I have a need to share and create. I figured "why not?" Why overthink this?

Runaway, Ann Chaplin Q&A + 5 Quick Questions

Q) We can imagine that the process of creating the song was a little different than with the group - was there anything you rediscovered about your solo process or style as you were working on Runaway?

Ann) I definitely reconnected with singing in a different way than I had been with the girls. When you are trying to blend voices you have to be careful to not deviate too much from melody, bend notes or be too expressive or the vocals won't be cohesive. It was certainly fun to just sing what I feel. I also learned that I miss singing with them! Both are very different but fulfilling creative processes.

Q) What can you tell us about what else is coming? Is there a plan for more solo stuff, new Runaway Angel stuff, something else?

Ann) The past few years have been such a roller coaster. As for Runaway Angel; in our hearts we still very much want to create and share, but we won't let ourselves sink into the pressure of timelines etc. This is when we are adjusting, doing what we need to do to be creatively fulfilled, and allowing things to unfold while supporting each other. I DO have something I've been holding on to though that I will make sure you know about!

Q) Last one for a little something extra, can you tell us all something that we wouldn't find on your social channels or in a Google search.

Ann) I have taken a few stunt courses recently! Learning fight choreography, falls and impact/strike reactions. It was SO fun. My neck will never recover from taking all those fake punches.

Thank you to Ann for taking the time to answer all of our questions. Hit play to check out her 5 Quick Questions video to find out who she'd love to sing with, which stage she'd love to play, and more!

5 Quick Questions with Ann Chaplin

Hit play to listen to Runaway, now!

Ann Chaplin - Runaway

Runaway, Ann Chaplin Q&A + 5 Quick Questions

Runaway, Ann Chaplin Q&A + 5 Quick Questions

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