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By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
Ruminations Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field, I'll meet you there. - Rumi

I usually have millions of thoughts running in my mind, yes I do think too much, which is why I believe my outlet for these ruminations is writing. Often there are certain thoughts that may not get translated to words, but they are always at the back of your head. Sometimes you may see a picture, a scenery or hear someone else to be able to portray those similar thoughts, so you tend to relate to the situation or the place. And then there's music. Music is one of the most  effective ways of translation of ones own thoughts to what others can relate to. Now, a lot (not all) of the music I tend to like is unconventional and I love certain instruments. About more than a year ago, I came across the 'duduk', it is a traditional woodwind instrument and is a symbol of Armenian national identity because of its survival in Armenian history, which is often associated with injustice & genocides.  A lot of the duduk music I have come across seems to be inspired by the Armenian genocide that happened during and after the World War I. Djivan Gasparyan is a noted Armenian duduk player and you must listen to his collaborations with Michael Brook. The track Freedom is transcendental, and it gives a strong feeling of reminiscence towards Armenia's history. The words in the track go: Moush, Moush, Moushn anoush Khmenq pagh jrern anoush Mer paperits mnats hoosh Qo anunn enq drel Moush... Translation: 

''Moush, Moush, beautiful Moush Lets drink from its cool springs Our Fathers left us a memory They've named it Moush...''
When I heard Freedom, I was able to somehow put words to untold thoughts or ideas (which have nothing to do with Armenian history btw!). And here it goes:  (thanks to my friend Saph who decided this piece 'looked' better in poetry rather than just prose!) i am running barefeet on grass.
on an open land where the air is crisp and fresh...
the clear skies give way to ample sunlight.
their final destination,
the ground under my feet, and my skin,
causing the shine on my free and proud forehead...
i am running, and i am running towards this place.
i can see mountains ahead of me and around me.
i can see water surrounding me,
and i am running bare feet.
i know i am reaching this place...
i need to be there.

barefeet and fearless. barefeet and vulnerable. barefeet and on the edge.
i run faster, and i run faster until i evaporate.

i dissolve into the air, 
into the wind,
into the ground,
into the atmosphere...
and i become one with all that there is - 
Life. Freedom. What is real freedom? Countries without borders, religions without conflicts, earth that is cleaner and safer, people without discrimination and prejudice, or is it just a state of mind? An open mind. Free from everything that is a full stop or a barrier.

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