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Rule #20 – Be the Last Man Standing…er Sitting

By Don Mega

Rule #20 – Be the Last Man Standing…er SittingPooping is such a multi-layered and fascinating activity. Everybody poops, according to the books, and yet folks are so very uncomfortable discussing it, which is why we’ll continue to revisit the subject throughout the Social Rulebook. I recently watched a wonderfully entertaining Dr. Oz episode on the subject of poop where clay turds were molded into the various shapes of shit and were subsequently dropped into bowls of water to simulate the different sounds we hear when sitting on the pot. He explained just how much our poop tells about us if we pay attention to the shapes and sounds of shitting. Essentially, when you head to the head to unload your lunch, you’re not just dropping a couple extra pounds, you’re giving a comprehensive report to yourself and everyone else in the restroom on the status of your health. And that freaks me out a little bit.

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