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Rugby World Cup 2015 Live Streaming – Watch RWC Online

Posted on the 16 September 2015 by Makably

Rugby World Cup 2015 Free, Rugby World Cup 2015 Live, Rugby World Cup 2015 Live Free, Rugby World Cup 2015 Live Stream, Rugby World Cup 2015 Live Stream Online : In less than a week the eighth Rugby World Cup in history will be under way. This time around the host of the tournament will be England and the tournament will take place between 18 September and 31 October. The final match in this tournament will be played on Twickenham Stadium. The host nation has been appointed in in 2009 and England was victorious despite stiff competition from other nations such as South Africa a two times world champion, Japan and Italy.

Watch Rugby World Cup Live Streaming

Watch Rugby World Cup Live Streaming

During this upcoming Rugby World Cup there will be twenty competing nations. They have qualified in various ways. 12 have qualified because they had finished in the first 3 places in their respective pools during the 2011 world cup. The rest of the competitors have qualified because of their success in a regional tournaments.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Live Stream Online

Some people will notice that Russia is absent from this tournament because they had been replaced by Uruguay. Several nations had hosted this tournament over the years and the international rugby Board has repeatedly requested that member nations who has an interest in hosting the next World Cup should indicate their interest well in advance. For instance during 2015 no less than 10 nations have shown interest in hosting the tournament. These nations have been Argentina, South Africa, Wales, Australia, Ireland, England, Jamaica, Italy, Russia and Japan.

Choosing a host

Although there was initially a lot of interest in hosting the tournament many nations quickly withdraw their candidacy for various reasons. Although such a tournament is able to generate substantial profits for such a host nation the investments which are required in order to ensure that international rugby federation standards are met can be very costly. This is why even nations such as Ireland and Australia has indicated that they are withdrawing because our financial reasons. Even Scotland have after an unsuccessful attempt to find a suitable partner were left with no other choice but to withdraw their bid.

However England have found a partner in Wales and therefore some of the games in this upcoming tournament will be played at the millennium Stadium in Cardiff. England has already revealed the venues which will be used for each World Cup game. 12 of the stadiums which will be used are located in England and the only other Stadium outside of England which is going to be used is the millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. The millennium Stadium was approved for several reasons, because it has the capacity and also because of its location. Some of the stadiums which are going to be used is Sandy Park, Twickenham and, Wembley Stadium, Olympic Stadium and many others.

The first match

As the host nation England will open the tournament official on 18 September 2015 against Fiji. The following day South Africa will face Japan while Tonga will take on Georgia and one day later it will be Wales against Uruguay and Samoa against the United States. On the same day it will be New Zealand against Argentina. Some nations who are said to me strong contenders to win this tournament is New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and France. Wales also has an outside chance to excel in this tournament.

England has several high-capacity stadiums unfortunately there will be many rugby enthusiasts who will not be able to obtain a ticket for the matches that will be played. Fortunately there are alternatives such as televised matches and then several Internet streaming services are available which will allow spectators to watch the matches in the comfort of their own homes. Regardless of whether you will be able to obtain a ticket, watch on television or watch the match by a streaming media on your smartphone there can be no doubt that the 2015 tournament is going to be enthusiastically followed by millions of people.

Every matches will be broadcasted live in UK on free-to-air ITV & ITV 4 plus their online streaming apps Iplayer which you can access through their website or download the app. We will have live streams with ITV coverage right here on this page of all the matches.

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