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Rue from Hunger Games Racist Tweets?

Posted on the 13 May 2012 by Roseywinter @roseywinter

Rue from Hunger Games Racist Tweets?
I have not read any of the books in The Hunger Games trilogy yet, but I did see the movie. When I first saw Rue, I thought she was a sweet little angel, and I felt intense emotion over her tragic death. Had I the capacity to cry in public places, I would have absolutely done so.
Apparently other people felt intense emotions (and cried) too... but only when they read the books. When they saw Rue in the movie they felt nothing but hate and disgust for Rue. For RUE. That sweet little girl. And when they watched her die, some people confessed to not feeling all that bad.
Rue from Hunger Games Racist Tweets?
How could ANYBODY feel hate, disgust and nothing but resentment and dissatisfaction from looking at Rue? How could somebody say that her dying in the movie didn't make them feel bad?
Because, based on what they thought they read in the books. According to these people, Rue was supposed to be white.
Yes, you read correctly. They were mad because the black Rue they saw on the screen was the not the white Rue they saw in their heads.
Apparently there has been a huge amount of controversy over this, and I only became aware of it today thanks to a blog post over at Cuddlebugger.com (scroll down to reason #5), which lead me to another blog post over at Jezebel.com.
Even though it clearly stated that Rue was black in The Hunger Games book, people conjured up some sort of other image of her in their minds and completely changed her race. Might this be some sort of self-censoring-denial-while-reading? I have no clue.
The blog post over at Jezebel.com, titled "Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed" has quotes taken directly from sections within the book itself that clearly describes the appearance of Rue. It also shows tweets of people that obviously misread (skipped over?) these sections who felt the need to express their uber-fan anger over the producers not following the book.
I wonder if these same follow-the-book people feel the same way about the disaster that was Avatar: The Last Airbender? Probably not. Apparently changing a white person to a black person is blasphemy, but changing a black person to a white person is a-okay.
Oh wait, but Rue wasn't even white in the first place. There was no change.
And as far as The Last Airbender is concerned, that's a whole other issue to discuss in another blog, perhaps.
The Jezebel.com article is shocking, but insightful, and worth the read. I feel like I could say more, but I'm tired now. Humans make me sad and tired sometimes. :(

Rue from Hunger Games Racist Tweets?

How could you hate on this girl???

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By Tamajah Reginae
posted on 11 October at 20:27

why would they send her out there in she is just a little gurl tht is sad (hunger games).