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Rotem Or: Hard Magic

Posted on the 31 July 2012 by Hctf @hctf

Rotem Or

Isreali folk singer Rotem Or sounds like the missing link between Dead Can Dance and Heather Nova. By adding electronic tidbits she transforms her songs from pretty straightforward run-off-the-mill folk musings to hipster friendly weirdness. Soft-spoken and melancholic this musical Little Red Riding Hood crosses paths with Alice in Wonderland.

Hard Magic is an appropriate title for an album that takes some time to appreciate. Persistent listeners will be rewarded with new layers and sounds that they have missed out on during the first half dozen spins or so.

Rotem Or: Hard Magic

Hard Magic is a self-released album. Buy it from her website.

  1. This Is What You All Came For
  2. Secret Particles
  3. A Little Bird In Your Ear
  4. Dear Sir
  5. Untitled
  6. Human Being
  7. Covers
  8. How I Lost Your Respect
  9. Scholarships
  10. A Flower For You
  11. We Choose Future B
Live dates:
  • 08/08 Ozen Bar, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 09/07 BiNuu, Berlin, Germany

» rotemor.com

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