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By Karl @cartoonistdiary
Roswell-UpdateDo you remember this picture? The one I posted here and explained all about? Of course you do, you are true to my cause for self-publishing world domination and know about everything I do, and for that I thank you most graciously.
As you will remember from the post I mentioned that I was going to produce Roswell as a weekly webcomic, just like Brabbles & Boggitt but on its own site. But I've had a change of heart, a change in direction: now I may just publish Roswell as single, self contained story and go straight through to the printed comic book route as well as the new Kindle Comics Creator, a new way to view your comics on phones, kindles, ipads, computers and other tablets. This way I get the chance to produce them and place them at your disposal a lot quicker (hopefully).
That said I thought the very least I could do was to produce the first page of artwork and show you how the page and layouts are going to look.
Roswell will be produced along the U.S. comicbook size and not my normal European look.
The American format offers a different approach and almost encourages you to be more creative with the format. The European look is normally more rigid: four rows of one, two or three panels per row with a half page splash at the beginning. I tried to change that with my Brabbles & Boggitt look but they have their format for a reason and it doesn't bend too well. But the U.S. comicbook format is perfect for stories that require one big splash image to pages that need a dozen images, and I'm looking forward to exploring this new format and size with Roswell.
But like with all my projects, I will be keeping you updated as to its progress and to that end I gladly furnish you with the first page.
The whole 22-28 page story will be lavishly coloured and packed with the slap stick tom-foolery you've come to expect from me. I hope you like it and will keep coming back for more updates and sample pieces of artwork: I won't be publishing too many pages---wouldn't want to spoil the story for you now would I? But I do promise plenty of snippets and hopefully a behind the scenes look at the production process.
I'm planning on producing the Roswell comic as a full color book, but that will bump up the end unit cost. A black and white will be cheaper but not as easy on the eye, so I would appreciate any input you have on the whole color vs black and white thing.
The story I'm sticking to, the art and design I'm sticking to but the pricing, now that's what effects you, my readers and followers, so what would you prefer?
Either way, please keep coming back for more about Roswell, Sleepy Hamlet, I Told You She Wouldn't Believe Me! (my next children's book) plus whatever else pops into my odd-ball mind.
If you like my blog and the things that I say and do, please tell your friends; mention me on Facebook, Twitter and any of the other fine social media networking sites you use. I would love to have my work reach a much larger audience and although I could no doubt eventually get there under my own steam, I'll get there a lot quicker with your help, so please, please spread the word.Thank you

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