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Roselawn, Indiana: Sycamore Drive In

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Last year I really tried to get over to Roselawn, Indiana and the Sycamore Drive In before the season ended–but just couldn’t make it! This year? Well, let’s just say that little Indiana and family now know the joy of the deliciousness known as custard ice cream.

Roselawn, Indiana: Sycamore Drive In

Roselawn, Indiana: Sycamore Drive In

Roselawn, Indiana and The Sycamore Drive In

This mom and pop business specializes in frozen custard. With the heat we’ve had lately, we bypassed their actual food offerings and made a beeline for cold treats!

I have had banana splits and I have had banana splits. This was perfection. Sycamore Drive In ditches the pineapple (I never cared for that part anyway!) and instead? Marshmallow.

Oh, is it good draped over the chocolate and vanilla scoops and swirled around the strawberries!

As you can see from my photo, it was hot in this (and every other) Indiana town. I had to make a choice though: Non-melted Ice Cream to eat or pics for little Indiana! Oh, the sacrifices I make.

Custard Ice Cream

Roselawn, Indiana: Sycamore Drive In Banana Split

Roselawn, Indiana: Sycamore Drive In Banana Split

This? This is good stuff. As you know, I got the Banana Split (already chopped bananas, vanilla  and chocolate custard ice cream, plus strawberries and their own special nut mix).

Hubs ordered a Mocha Iced Latte and really liked it. He thought it had a different flavor than others he has had. It also came in vanilla, cappuccino, and caramel.

Kid #1? He wanted a chocolate shake. At is insistence, I even took a picture. Apparently, it hit the spot.

So Many Choices

We came, saw, conquered, and would love to return! They’ve got a couple of menu items that I think you will certainly find interesting: Hot Turtle Sundae, Glacier, and Tin Roof! Does that sound awesome or what?

See more Sycamore Drive in images and other pictures in Roselawn, Indiana on my Flickr photostream.

Sycamore Drive In
P.O. Box 215
Roselawn, Indiana 46372

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