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Rookie Running Back Dri Archer Behind Eight-Ball Early

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Rookie Running Back Dri Archer Behind Eight-Ball Early
by Matt Shetler
Rookie Running Back Dri Archer Behind Eight-Ball Early
You would think that any rookie entering the NFL would want to make a good first impression with their new employers.
That apparently isn’t the case for Pittsburgh Steelers third-round pick Dri Archer.
The Kent State speedy running back didn’t make a great impression at OTAs this week as he missed both practices this week. He was sent home on Tuesday because he was sick, but then turned up for the NFL Players Association Rookie Premier event that began Wednesday in Los Angeles, according to the Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette.
If you are hurt you can’t practice, but blowing off practice to show up in Los Angeles for the Rookie Premier is a head-scratching move.
Sure these practices are voluntary, but you would think that someone in Archer’s position would be anxious to get out there and learn the new offense.
That’s even more important in his case than any other of the Steelers rookies as Archer is penciled in to be lining up all over the field in 2014.
He will have a lot of responsibilities and missing his first three practices of 10 permitted in the spring with his new teammates is not the way to go.
Someone is always watching and Archer had the chance to open up some eyes right off the bat.
It’s only three practices, but you hate to see a young player such as Archer put himself behind the eight ball right off the bat.

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