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Romantic Mexican in Chinatown

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
romantic mexican in chinatown Gifts: Golden Girl valentines, M&M holiday pretzels, Taiwanese pineapple cakes romantic mexican in chinatown Drinks: cilantro fresca (pictured), margarita de la casa, pulque clásico (older than tequila and stronger than beer, pulque is a fermented alcohol made from the agave plant--it also has a slight old, sweaty shoe aftertaste) romantic mexican in chinatown Food: guacamole clásico, sikil pak (Mayan pumpkin seed dip),  taco pescado zarandeado & taco carnita (pictured), borrachos ("drunk" beans with pulque) romantic mexican in chinatown Valentine's Day Dates: Anna, Leslie, Megan romantic mexican in chinatown We met after work. On a windy, inconspicuous street in Chinatown, we ventured down an unmarked stairwell and through a blue door. We exchanged gifts and stories, ate well, drank lots, and danced while still sitting in our cozy booth. Four and a half hours passed. Last night,  I celebrated Valentine's Day with three of my favorite single friends at Pulqueria.

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