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Romantaque All Natural Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizer Lotion Review

By Gayatri @LifeEssence2
Romantaque All Natural Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizer Lotion ReviewAfter many days I'm back again with another review. Today i'm going to share about Romantaque hair minimizer which I got as a free sample from Romantaque. Yes, it's a sponsored post yet a genuine opinion on the product.Girls, all of us want hair free skin right? But who likes the pain we undergo during waxing? I came across this product few months ago. They conducted a giveaway with Life Essence as well. This time they offered me with a free sample to try and review. Although I was happy to get it for free and imagined hair free skin but was little skeptical. What if I get allergic reactions with the product? We never heard about this product before right? When I got the product I read the complete details. Everything's fine but the price!!! OMG... Even though the product works well, I'm not going to purchase. I got this product about 2 weeks back. I decided to review this one only after using it for long since I want my readers to get the right opinion on it. Now I'll stop here else I'll be continuing talking all the unnecessary things. ;)
Romantaque All Natural Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizer Lotion Review
Price: INR1500/-
What the product claims to do: “Romantaque is based on a technology, that very effectively inhibits the growth of unwanted human hair. It has secured patents in Australia, UK, South Africa, and India. There are more patents being in the pipeline. Romantaque is a nano-tech powered, herbal product of this technology. Romantaque, as a cosmetic lotion is to be applied after hair-removal. It retards the hair growth successively, thereby prolonging the time interval between hair-removal cycles.”
Ingredients: Water, Cetostearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Liquid paraffin, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Stearic acid, Sodium alginate, Castor extract, Triethanolamine.

Designed for: Arms, legs, face, underarms, bikiniline. But not near eyes, nose, peranal, genital area.They have provided complete details about hair regrowth, how to use directions, precautions, etc.

Directions to use: First time users should go for a patch test first.Product should be applied only after 24 hours of hair removal.After hair removal use this product twice a day for 10 days.
(I've given the directions in short but you'll find everything in detail on the product about how to use and how to patch test etc.)
Romantaque All Natural Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizer Lotion ReviewMy take on this product:The product comes in a white coloured plastic container with a flip cap. It contains a white coloured runny lotion. It looks just like a body lotion. Since I was a bit scared to use, I didn't use it on the exposed skin. I tried it first on my under arms. It requires very less amount of the product to cover large area. It also gets absorbed into skin easily with no greasy feeling. It also didn't give me any kind of irritation and side affects. I was pretty happy that this product didn't give me any breakouts. I used it for 2 whole weeks and observed it working very well. :D Yes friends, after my first waxing done, I observed slow growth of hair. After I've gone for my second waxing done, believe me its already third week and I still have very less hair grown. I never expected this to work this way at all. I'm really impressed with it and thus thinking to use it for my arms this time. One more thing I liked is that it's going to come many days. :)
Romantaque All Natural Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizer Lotion Review
Pros:1. Works very well.2. No side effects at all.3. Will definitely come for months.4. Gets absorbed into skin easily.
5. Very less amount required and covers large area.6. Good packaging and so travel friendly.
Cons:1. So costly but I think its worth it.

Rate: 4.5/5
Small suggestion to Romantaque: Your product is awesome but people who never tried it may not dare to buy it due to its price. So if possible try to sell in small quantities as well or samples also will work great. I think it'll be better if you can give out samples for one or two uses.

Girls... Hope this review helped you. Don't forget to leave your valuable comments here. It means a lot to me. :) ---Gayatri

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