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Romance on the Road: The First Road Trip as a Couple

By Reporterandgirl @reporterandgirl

You’ve experienced the first date, the first kiss and now, it’s time for your first road trip. Road trips are an adventurous and exciting way to travel and explore with your significant other. You want to ensure that the special memories you’re making are full of joy and not clouded by stress or conflict. Take some time to consider the various factors involved with your expedition, keeping in mind any potential clashes of preference you and your honey might have, so you can be prepped for a worry-free, fun, unforgettable trip.

The Route

If you’re hoping to keep your road trip spontaneous and flexible, jot down a skeleton route plan of the roads you’ll be taking. Checking road and weather conditions before you embark is wise, as you don’t want to be stalled in traffic or held up by road construction. One thing you shouldn’t leave up to chance is where you’ll be making pit stops for fuel. Plan to stop for gas about every 200 miles, depending on the gas mileage and tank size of your car, so you can ensure your safety. will provide you with the cheapest stations to fill up, wherever you are. A real damper on the trip would be running out of gas in a no-cell-service area where the nearest town is hundreds of miles away! Just a little prep will allow you to have the fun and surprising experience you’re looking for.


Car snacks can be a lifesaver when you are both hungry and frustrated, in search for your next meal. You don’t want to become a hangry (hungry/angry) monster around your new love, which can happen to the best of us. Non-perishable goodies like trail mix, energy bars, meat or vegetarian jerky, and water are great staples to always have stocked in the car. To prevent any squabbles over what kind of meal you’ll be eating, plan to alternate who chooses the restaurant and type of cuisine you eat. Even if you both feel like you’re very easy-going when it comes to food, it is great to give the other person control and maybe they’ll even introduce you to your new favorite food.


You can either set up your lodging prior to taking your trip or sort it out, day of. If you don’t want to restrict yourself to a timetable with a concrete destination, bring along a tent for camping. Practice setting up the tent, before you leave for your trip, so the two of you aren’t in a frustrating situation of pitching a complicated tent in the dark. If you’re hoping to find cheap lodging, do some research before you leave to determine what towns have better bargains than others.


Engage with your significant other in new and exciting ways through activities that are specifically related to the culture or region you are visiting. Visit local visitor centers to see what the town and surrounding area has to offer. To get the real down-low on what to do, ask the locals — stopping by a cafe or bar and picking your server’s brain could give you some great ideas. This road trip is an opportunity for the two of you to learn more about each other and will likely reveal many things you may or may not have in common. You should each take turns planning an activity for the two of you to do — whether it’s surfing in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, or visiting a beautiful vineyard with out-of-this-world wines — so you can share your passions with one another. Remember to approach the activities with an open mind and be prepared to go out of your comfort zone — it’s all about sharing, supporting and compromising. If you are eager and open to trying new things, you’re bound to have an incredibly fun and unforgettable time!

So tell me about a road trip you took with your partner!

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