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ROH Spring Queue. Friends Only

Posted on the 29 November 2011 by Irinastanescu
I'm a little bit behind with news. It was one of those days when you sit in front of the computer at 9am, 5 minutes later, at 3pm, the stomach sings ...feed me or you'll suffer the consequences... and another 10 minutes later is 7:30pm, there are only 3 people left in the entire office, which means it's time to go home or else you'll sleep there as you don't have a key. . So, tomorrow, November 30, booking for Friends of ROH for Spring season. A Spring season which includes La Boheme. And particularly THAT La Boheme on June 19 and 23. As declared in many interviews already, Angela Gheorghiu&Roberto Alagna get back on stage in a production.  . Difficult to choose. First one, second one, both... Non-Londoners have to choose. If it helps, David McVicar's Les Troyens (Kaufmann/Antonacci) opens on June 25. But this production is part of Summer booking. . Dear Friends, happy booking. Dear rest of all, see you online on the day of general booking on February 7, 2012!

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