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By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
Rodeo Rodeo Before the concert starts, they have cowboys (yes real live cowboys) do bull ridding.  After their go around, the "famous" ones gather together where young girls (and a few boys who idolize them) can go get their autograph and a picture.  ML and I almost went over and asked for a would too if you saw these guys.  Rodeo Jason Aldean put on quite the show. We were behind a cowboy, but he was a different kind of cowboy...not the attractive I am great on a horse kind of cowboy.  I got a picture of his getup, which would offend many so I refrained from posting it,  but he is why you yankees (yes I do that) think what you think about us southerners.  Rodeo Fried oreos AND funnel cake.  And my pickle, its a tradition of mine to get one every time towards the end of the night.  I was even caught saying:  "You don't understand I do not leave here with out a pickle"  Thanks for another great time rodeo, see you next year! 

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