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Robyn Ottolini, Good Sh*t Q&A and 5 Quick Questions [Single Release]

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Robyn Ottolini is a hard working artist on the Canadian country music scene, making her way up one song and one show at a time. The Uxbridge, ON native has dropped a new single, Good Sh*t, and caught up with us to talk about the song and to play a round of 5 Quick Questions while we had her.

First though, the song. Written by Robyn with Mark Schroor and Erik Fintelman, Good Shi*t is a 3 minute and 5 second track that is sassy, fun, and brings a message of positivity and strength without hammering it home in a melancholy sort of way. It's country music that talks about moving on and getting over a breakup - but it's not sad or sullen. It's lighthearted, but the subject is real life shit.

Ottolini is a talented writer and singer. She's was a Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase finalist in 2016, she's was a Country Music Association of Ontario Rising Star Award nominee in 2019, she's been Artist of the Month with the CMAO, and we recently named her to our 2020 Boots & Hearts artist prediction list. She's played shows all over Ontario at festivals, songwriters nights, and showcases. Robyn Ottolini is a hard worker, and we know we'll be seeing more of her.

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Robyn Ottolini, Good Sh*t Q&A and 5 Quick Questions [Single Release]

Keep an eye on Robyn Ottolini's website and social media channels for upcoming show information - and go see her live when you get the chance.

We did a Q&A with Robyn to ask about Good Sh*t and music and you can check that out now. thanks to Robyn for her time and sharing with us!

Q. Can you tell us about the new song ( Good Shi*t) and how excited you are to have it released to the world?

A. This song started out as a reminder to myself that sometimes people break your heart but it doesn't mean life sucks. Getting dumped doesn't mean you're alone or not good enough. It means you get to watch whatever the heck you want on Netflix and get wine drunk with your hunnies without crying in the bathroom at the end of the night. You can be this strong, independent person despite one person not wanting to be with you anymore. So this song is about knowing what you have (ie yourself, duh) and knowing you probably didn't lose much of anything when some guy breaks your heart. He ain't worth ittttt.

Q. We know that you've got a tight group of music industry people in your life, what's it like to have peers to write with, bounce ideas off of, and have for support? Is there anyone you want to give some love to?.

A. For this song (and for many other reasons) I'd love to give a shout out to my producers Mark Schroor and Erik Fintelman. It's easy to take someone's song, put instruments around it and call it done. Luckily for me, I found some genuine people who care about me as an artist. They took the time to get to know me as a person and learn why I am the way I am and what I want to say. I walked in with my song written and these two had the guts to say "this song is great but we know you can do even better" and suggested lines I could change. I think the best people you can have in this industry (or anywhere in life) are people who push you to be uncomfortable and people who challenge you. I'm a stubborn human by nature and they refuse to let me hold myself back. This song and my career would be very different without them. So shout out to the boys, they are Good Sh*t.

Robyn Ottolini, Good Sh*t Q&A and 5 Quick Questions [Single Release]

Q. On Facebook you mention Kacey Musgraves and Lennon & Maisy as influences - who else would you put on that list?

A. Nowadays I am most influenced by other up and coming artists. We all have something to prove and something to say. It takes guts to do this career, it takes tears and hard work and setbacks and a lot of faith in yourself. I'm inspired by the people at my level who refuse to back down. We're not being told every day how amazing we are, we're beginners. We're still trying to make fans and be good. It's scary. But we do it and I see my friends do it. Nothing could influence me more right now than seeing people on my level rise and make good sh*t happen on their own.

Q. What can you tell us about what's coming next, more new music, shows, anything else you've got going on?

A. More music. More shows. More content. I'm pumped to promote Good Sh*t and tell the stories behind it and remind other people how awesome they are. I'm a writer so I'm constantly trying to keep up with everything I write. Which means... new music will be following Good Sh*t. I've shown people my confident side, the no sh*ts given side and I love that part of me but I think a huge compliment I get is how relatable my music is and the only way I can be relatable is by being honest. I've had an amazing year on the career side but a rough one on the personal side so I want to show people life gets messy. But until then... I just wanted to remind everybody that they are some Good Sh*t.

Listen to Good Sh*t now and then give a read to our round of 5 Quick Questions with Robyn Ottolini.

5 Quick Questions with Robyn Ottolini

Q1. If you are on a long drive or road trip and can only listen to one album, which album would you choose?

Robyn. Pageant Material - Kacey Musgraves. There isn't one bad song or lyric on that whole album.

Q2. Who is your dream duet partner?

Robyn. Male: Old Dominion // Female: Maren Morris

Q3. We know you love to travel, do you have a dream vacation spot that you haven't been to?

Robyn. This question kills me. I have so many travel dreams but my biggest dream is to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef before it's all gone, to be honest. That's been my dream since I was a child.

Robyn Ottolini, Good Sh*t Q&A and 5 Quick Questions [Single Release]

Q4. What is one thing you can tell fans about you that they can't learn from your social media or a Google search?

Robyn. My room is almost always messy. But the internet will never know. Oops.

Q5. Which artist do you think more people should be listening to?

Robyn. Up and comers! I love Emily Weisband, Bailey Bryan, Abby Anderson, Kassi Ashton. Bad-ass females that are anything but basic. I'm a firm believer that music doesn't have to be on the radio or Top 40 to be good. It has to be good to be good. Period.

Robyn Ottolini, Good Sh*t Q&A and 5 Quick Questions [Single Release]

Robyn Ottolini, Good Sh*t Q&A and 5 Quick Questions [Single Release]

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