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[Car troubles in farmland : pelting these at one another once we got to the mechanic.]

What makes a roadtrip?  In my book, it's a trip that you spend over a third of your time in a car, traveling.  We've been working 'round the clock in order to take this weekend off for a friends' wedding back in our hometown.  Roadtrips are something boyfriend and I did all the time when we first started dating, but we haven't had the time since going to the mountains this spring.  We had a few hiccups along the way, but managed to still have a great time.


[Shopping forever for something to wear : finding a paisley print dress that doesn't scream Vera Bradley.]


[Getting in really late Friday night : but just in time to share part of my cousin's 15th birthday with him.]


[Going through the Smokeys on the return trip - ridiculous curvy roads : gorgeous sunset.]

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