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Ripple Tech - Aluratek Bluetooth Receiver

Posted on the 15 May 2012 by Ripplemusic

Picture this my brothers and sisters. Your sitting quietly at your best mate’s backyard BBQ. Your enjoying a bottle of frosty hops pulled straight out of a cooler of ice. Your stretched out on a nice avocado green plastic lawn chair on a warm sunny summer day. You got your mirror aviator sunglasses on,  and your running a thought through your head. (Should I get up and make a move on the red head  lassie sitting across the way? )
Just as your about to lay out your Bratt Pitt charm, your best mate’s girlfriend,  blows up your shinny vibes like a lightning bolt hitting a El Comino filled with dynamite. She brings out a boom box. Then turns on the radio playing  the shopping mall  club mix  version of Black Eyes Peas at 4pm in the afternoon. You quickly go into stealth mode. When Betty turns to go into the house to get the platter of potato salad, you make your move. You quickly plug in this nifty little wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver by Aluratek . You run it into the “line in” on the boombox. Then you quickly launch your Iphone and pare up the device. BANG!...without missing a beat you are now playing “ Saturday Night Fish Fry” from  It’s  a various compilation mix of New Orleans funk from the early 1970’s. Perfect for those back yard BBQ’s.
When Black Eye Peas Betty returns, just smile and say “Hey sweety…great tunes you got spinning there …and your potato salad is killer”…as you walk over to make your move on the sexy red head.
The Aluratek Bluetooth receiver  will work with any Bluetooth device.  Play music wirelessly from your Smartphone, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac laptops. Up to 12 hours playback using internal Lithium-ion battery. They list at $29.99.
--Wino Chris

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