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RIP Donna Summer: Disco May Be Dead but Disco Fashion Isn’t

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

RIP Donna Summer: Disco May be Dead but Disco Fashion Isn’t It was terribly sad to find out of Donna Summer’s death today.  She was the queen of disco with a voice and songs that, today, brought most of us back to a time in our younger years when Donna Summer’s voice was it.  I created a Donna Summer station on my Pandora and got a kick out of all the memories that came up as song after song from the late seventies disco era came on.  Granted, I was very, very young during Donna Summer’s heyday, but she and Blondie were two of the first singers I was obsessed with as a child.  Oh, and no surprise they both were women.

While some of you may have looked back at old videos during Donna Summer’s reign supreme, you may have chuckled a bit at what people wore back then to get their groove on.  However, before you get too much of a stitch in your stomach from the giggling, disco may have officially died today, but the fashion did not!  Much of what we are wearing right now, calling trendy and so “of the moment” is taken directly from the era of the leisure suit and the polyester bell bottoms.

Don’t believe me?  Well take a look at some things trending right now.

The Jumpsuit

Donna Summer Disco 1
Donna Summer Disco 1 by bridgetteraes featuring black jumpsuits and rompers

You can’t swing a dead cat in a clothing store without hitting a jumpsuit. Laugh all you want but we’re crazy enough to let these things adorn our bodies again.

The Playsuit

Donna Summer Disco 2
Donna Summer Disco 2 by bridgetteraes featuring gold earrings

While few of you would head out wearing a gold sequin playsuit, the playsuit as well as short shorts are popular again…just like they were in the 70′s. Hmm, do I hear the Bee Gees playing the background?  Oh, and don’t forget the platforms.

The Disco Dress

Donna Summer Disco 3
Donna Summer Disco 3 by bridgetteraes featuring a metallic clutch

It wasn’t 70′s disco unless someone was on the dance floor wearing some sort of a jersey dress either strapless or with spaghetti straps, some frill and a fuller skirt.   Look a little familiar to what you’re seeing now in the stores?

The Disco Top

RIP Donna Summer: Disco May be Dead but Disco Fashion Isn’t
Back in the 70′s people often went disco dancing in novelty tops, a pair of jeans and great pair of heels….just like people wear these days for a night out.

So, laugh all you want about the fashions of the disco era but remember where much of what you are wearing right now came from.   So, throw on your favorite metallic top, throw on some Donna Summer and boogie!

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