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Riot and Remembrance Essays About Love

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
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In the third place, we must consider, that nothing is more dangerous than to unite two persons so closely in all their interests and concerns, as man and wife, without rendering the union entire and total. The least possibility of a separate interest must be the source of endless quarrels and suspicions. The wife, not secure of her establishment, will still be driving some separate end or project and the husband's selfishness, being accompanied with more power, may be still more dangerous.


What is the reason, why, by the Athenian laws, one might marry a half-sister by the father, but not by the mother? Plainly this: The manners of the Athenians were so reserved, that a man was never permitted to approach the women's apartment, even in the same family, unless where he visited his own mother. His step-mother and her children were as much shut up from him as the women of any other family, and there was as little danger of any criminal correspondence between them. Uncles and nieces, for a like reason, might marry at Athens but neither these, nor half-brothers and sisters, could contract that alliance at Rome , where the intercourse was more open between the sexes. Public utility is the cause of all these variations.

Glenn Greenwald

Poland and Muscovy in Europe are not populous but are certainly much more so than the ancient Sarmatia and Scythia where no husbandry or tillage was ever heard of, and pasturage was the sole art by which the people were maintained. The like observation may be extended to Denmark and Sweden. No one ought to esteem the immense swarms of people, which formerly came from the North, and

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Another part of Alcheic 's conduct, which I also found highly applauded, was his behaviour towards Calish , with whom he was joined in a project or undertaking of some importance. Calish , being a passionate man, gave Alcheic , one day, a sound drubbing which he took very patiently, waited the return of Calish 's good-humour, kept still a fair

But the social passions never afford such transporting pleasures, or make so glorious an appearance in the eyes both of God and man, as when, shaking off every earthly mixture, they associate themselves with the sentiments of virtue, and prompt us to laudable and worthy actions. As harmonious colours mutually give and receive a lustre by their friendly union so do these ennobling sentiments of the human mind. See the triumph of nature in parental affection! What selfish passion what sensual delight is a match for it! Whether a man exults in the prosperity and virtue of his offspring, or flies to their succour, through the most threatening and tremendous dangers?

The only observation, with regard to the difference of men in different climates, on which we can rest any weight, is the vulgar one, that people in the northern regions have a greater inclination to strong liquors, and those in the southern to love and women. One can assign a very probable physical cause for this difference. Wine and distilled waters warm the frozen blood in the colder climates, and fortify men against the injuries of the weather: As the genial heat of the sun, in the countries exposed to his beams, inflames the blood, and exalts the passion between the sexes.

How much, therefore, would it have surprised such a genius as Cicero , or Tacitus , to have been told, that, in a future age, there should arise a very regular system of mixed government, where the authority was so distributed, that one rank, whenever it pleased, might swallow up all the rest, and engross the whole power of the constitution. Such a government, they would say, will not be a mixed government. For so great is the natural ambition of men, that they are never satis-

These are the reflections which have occurred upon this subject of impudence and modesty and I hope the reader will not be displeased to see them wrought into the following allegory,

It is certain, that a serious attention to the sciences and liberal arts softens and humanizes the temper, and cherishes those fine emotions, in which true virtue and honour consists. It rarely, very rarely happens, that a man of taste and learning is not, at least, an honest man, whatever frailties may attend him. The bent of his mind to speculative studies must mortify in him the passions of interest and ambition, and must, at the same time, give him a greater sensibility of all the decencies and duties of life. He feels more fully a moral distinction in characters and manners nor is his sense of this kind diminished, but, on the contrary, it is much encreased, by speculation.

The Indian prince, who refused to believe the first relations concerning the effects of frost, reasoned justly and it naturally required very strong testimony to engage his assent to facts, that arose from a state of nature, with which he was unacquainted, and which bore so little

Riot and remembrance essays about love

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