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Rihanna Tells Oprah She Still Loves Chris

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

She’s beautiful, talented, successful and wealthy. She has a loving family, good support system and devoted fans. Doesn’t sound like the profile of a woman who would still love a guy who had been her abuser? However, according to what Rihanna told Oprah in an interview on Sunday, she and Chris Brown are very close friends and she still has feelings for him. Apparently they have been seen together recently and rumors are swirling about the relationship.

Yes, it is possible for a guy to redeem himself- to work on his anger issues and become a much better guy. It’s also possible that after his very public humiliation following his arrest and conviction for assault and battery of his then girlfriend, Rihanna, that Chris Brown underwent a process of self-examination and worked on the underlying issues that led to his behavior. One can only hope- at least for Rihanna’s sake.

One can only guess what Rihanna’s attraction to Chris was in the first place. Yes, they are young, attractive and successful musical artists- so they have much in common. But what else does Chris have that Rihanna was drawn to? If we were to ask her, it’s a good bet she would say he’s intense, exciting, charming and never, ever boring. These traits are often associated with “bad boys,” and Chris proved himself to be one.

Hopefully, Rihanna won’t fall into the trap of thinking she can change him by changing herself. Or perhaps she has thought that with enough understanding and support- his best, true nature will come out to stay. Many women have thought this and will continue to do so- and too often, their stories don’t end well.

I wish Chris and Rihanna all the best. They could be great together if Chris has decided he didn’t like that abusive guy and has worked hard to reform him- for no other reason than he wants to be a better version of himself. If their story has a happy ending, they could be good role models for all those folks in abusive relationships who have unrealistic views of what it takes for someone to change and/or what steps they may need to take that they don’t want to.

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