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Posted on the 20 October 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

According to a press release out today Rightside (NAME) has partnered with which just received $500,000 in funding from “some leading New Zealand investors including Sam Morgan, Phil McCaw, Stephen Tindall and Simon Holdsworth”

“On a technical level, the partnership also allows CloudCannon to streamline one of the trickiest parts of setting up a website – domain name and DNS settings – and make it as seamless as the rest of the CloudCannon experience.”

Dwayne Walker, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Rightside is quoted as saying:

“Designers from around the world will be able to design, build and deploy world-class websites using CloudCannon and Rightside domain branding extensions such as .social, .rocks, .ninja, .dance, .reviews, .lawyer and other Rightside new domain extensions. These new domain branding extensions coupled with CloudCannon website services offer a powerful and unique platform for web and creative designers around the world”

CloudCannon is dedicated to bringing content to the web faster and easier by breaking down technical barriers allowing for true creative freedom.

Before CloudCannon, web designers needed to have backend programming skills or compromise their creative freedom by using a website builder to make updateable websites for clients.

With CloudCannon, static websites are now a viable alternative. These websites are simpler to build, faster to ship, allow complete creative freedom and with CloudCannon, clients can update their website directly on the page.

CloudCannon partners with cloud storage providers, domain registrars and hosting companies to make the rest of the website setup seamless.

CloudCannon completely eliminates steps in the normal website production process so web designers can focus on what they love: design.

About CloudCannon

CloudCannon completely streamlines the process of deploying a simple website. Most CMS solutions take hours to integrate and are usually creative overkill for a simple website. With the huge variety of hosted web services available these days, we provide the freedom to create, simply, easily and effectively.

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