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Rights Steps To Keep Your Pets Safe In Your Home

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Are you taking the rights steps to make sure your pets are safe in your home? No one likes the idea of seeing their pets getting ill or hurt, but more often than not, people forget that their furry and feathered friends don't recognize the dangers around them and that it's important to make an effort to create a pet-friendly home. Hazardous chemicals and cleaning products are obvious threats, but there are many more dangers you should be aware of.

Many people don't realize that yarns, rubber bands, strings, and holidays lights can be hazardous to cat and dogs - and if you regularly give them chocolate, you should stop that too. If you have hamsters or gerbils, be careful with softwood shavings, as they can emit fumes that are harmful to them. And if you have birds, you should ensure that they're not close to non-stick cookware and aerosol sprays; the chemicals are unsafe for them.

It's also essential to have top-notch indoor air quality. You can get rid of fur, dander, and many hazardous items by vacuuming your house once a week and checking if your air filters are clean every month. You shouldn't forget about any houseplants, such as lilies, tulips, and chrysanthemums, as they can be poisonous to your pets. And if you have a garden, keep plant food and fertilizers locked away and don't let your pets eat cocoa mulch because it can be toxic if ingested. Learn more about how to keep a pet-friendly home in the infographic below.

Rights Steps To Keep Your Pets Safe In Your Home
Rights Steps To Keep Your Pets Safe In Your Home


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