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Right Wing Racism

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Doggone
You have to ask yourself if any other teen 'gangs' are this scary, or if Ron Paul is only fearful of black teens? Although it is not said, it seems apparent that Ron Paul believes, as a corollary, that all black teens are gang bangers.
You have to ask, because while the Republican caucus straw poll in MN voted for Santorum - pretty much all old white people - the delegates that actually went to the GOP convention were voting for Ron Paul. Except for the one person who gave up their seat so Michele Bachmann could go, because the tin foil hat crazies didn't have ENOUGH representation apparently.
No amount of Eric Cantor standing up saying insincere, blandly vague statements designed to lie, deceive or mislead people is going to be persuasive so long as the right genuinely hates and fears minorities. These statements are going to haunt the GOP, and the MN GOP, for a long, long time to come. 
Politics is not a blackboard (or in this case a whiteboard) that they can simply wipe away what they have aid and what they have supported, and expect people to forget. No one is buying the idea that the GOP represents them, except for a dwindling number of old white angry crazy guys who believe ridiculous conspiracy theories, and other odd things that are disconnected from reality.
The Republican party needs to fundamentally change, they need to jettison their core values and premises, which don't work.  And the sad reality is that given who their members are, the Republican party appears incapable of change, and unwilling to do anything other than double down on the extreme where they are now, or to go even further right and over the edge of sanity.  They are teetering on the brink now, and seem determined to be on the wrong side of history.

Right wing racism

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