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By Dmroughton
So tomorrow is the first day of Creative Writing, a class I have not taught in a couple of years, a class which spawned a surge of creative energy to actually write my book last time I taught it. So that's gotta be a good thing, right?
I mean since then I have finished the book, published it, sold a copy or three, and had a few readings/signings. Heck, I even have one coming up at my Alma mater, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. That's pretty exciting, right?
I have even read some of the discussion board postings already for the online component of this course. These up and coming writers are stoked! I had them read a chapter entitled "Writers Write" from my book and then respond to anything that resonated with them. Every single one of them found something they could relate to. Whether it was the notion of not knowing what they want to be when they grow up, or changing their college majors a bunch of times, or finally deciding to follow their passions and pursue writing even with the knowledge that is not likely a money making career, each one of them found something they could identify with, and that is already helping to build a strong sense of a writing community in the class. So that's a pretty cool thing to have happen, right?
In reading all those student posts, I needed something to snack on, so I had a few pepitas. In case you didn't know, that's Spanish for pumpkin seeds, a tasty little treat which is fairly low in net carbs and is, subsequently, Atkins friendly. So that was a pretty smart snack choice, right?
The funny thing, however, about pepitas is that I don't eat them all that often, so I don't always recall just how EXTREMELY HIGH IN FIBER they are. Also, when I said I had a "few pepitas," that translates into English as an ENTIRE FREAKING BAG. So that should make for a pretty enjoyable class tomorrow, right?
Right?  RIGHT???????
Maybe I need to eat a block of cheese before bed.

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