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How to Turn on Your TV

By Dmroughton

  1. Aim the remote at the TV and press the orange power button.
  2. If no results, change the angle of the remote in relation to the TV to get a clearer line of sight.
  3. If no results, change the angle again.
  4. If no results, move closer to the TV.
  5. If no results, place remote directly in front of TV remote sensor.
  6. If no results, open remote battery compartment and roll batteries around for better connection.
  7. If no results, remove batteries from other, lesser used, DVD player remote and put in TV remote.
  8. If no results, dig through three different junk drawers and find the last couple of new batteries left over from buying a SuperSize pack at Christmas because toys these days are labeled "batteries not included."
  9. If no results, turn on TV by hand to make sure TV still works following storm related power outages. Then turn TV back off by hand and repeat steps 1-5 with the new batteries in the remote.
  10. Finally, if no results, look closely at remote and press the RED power button instead of the orange source button.
How to Turn on Your TV

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