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Ride Along with The Record Summer in ‘Prizefight’ [Stream]

Posted on the 01 June 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Ride Along with The Record Summer in ‘Prizefight’ [Stream]

There’s something utterly unmatchable about driving down the freeway in Los Angeles in the middle of the night around May/June, right when it starts to get warm. The windows down, the traffic completely dissipated. It’s something that should be experienced rather than explained. The best possible mimicry of this feeling, though, is a song recently released by The Record Summer — real name Bret Rodysill — entitled “Prizefight.” In Rodysill’s words, “‘Prizefight’ is about waiting for a chance, a real chance, at the ability to succeed, based upon one’s own terms.”

It’s not a surprising topic for the artist to cover, as the mentality behind the song is also the mentality that permeates large cities, particularly the artist’s former home of New York City and his current home of Los Angeles — both are places where everybody is waiting for a chance to do something. And the cadence of the song (which hovers somewhere between too fast and too slow in the best way possible) perfectly illustrates the stagnancy one can feel on nights out in cities like these. With its airy vocal track and ever-progressing melody, “Prizefight” begets the feeling of breezing through a fast-paced life.

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