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Rich and Poor Gap

Posted on the 10 January 2013 by Informationnews @informationnew2

Rich and Poor Gap

You been hearing for years about the economy since 2008 about this or that. Recently the Fiscal Cliff fiasco and they literally ram your head in the wall over and over with this information. It is depressing in my opinion and leads to me to a though on the poor, the middle class and the rich.

Poor people are fine with taxes on the rich and the rich already do pay the most of the taxes. Just because the rich have gained something from society doesn’t mean that they owe society the majority of their income. The rich should accept regulations necessary for the protection of public good and stable markets without abrupt correction, along with higher taxes to help fund the government that enforces law to order society. The poor should accept that massive social programs are unsustainable and must be cutback along with higher taxes on them as well to prevent financial ruin and payback the debt of past excesses. If both sides would commit to some middle ground like was done to fund the war effort during World War II we could avoid the violent clashes of austerity-imposition that are plaguing Europe and Greece right now. A argument I have to the middle class and the rich is in welfare. You can either pay for people to have food and shelter or you can pay for crime waves. The 1/3 of the population receives some benefits, but do they want these people at home or do you want them robbing to get food? Look at it this way, if the government were to tell the rich we’re going to have no compulsory taxes. You pay us as much as you want however, just know that if we don’t get enough taxes from you for the basic functions, this government will collapse and will give way to a government that will have no problem taxing you a significantly larger portion than what you would have to give now. A country for example that would do this is France with their recent proposal of taxing the rich up to 75% of their income or net worth. And what are this basic functions a government needs? They are police, education, defense, courts, immigration control, the CDC, FBI, CIA Department of Defense, Social Security, Medicare, WIC, prisons, the marshal service and roads. Now I am all for very limited government, but donations don’t work. It was tried under the Articles of Confederation. What happened was that It failed miserably, which is why the power to tax and spend was written into Art I sec 8.

This is where the rich and poor differ in views of the world. Public school in certain areas are terrible, but it’s in large part because families are terrible. Poor people with poor educations actually think differently and how can they not? How can you see the same world when you are totally different, don’t have a father, when the only doctors you see are on television where you also see nothing but sports and ads for food? You have to believe to achieve. It’s so hard learning from someone you cannot define yourself through. Tie this to a capitalist system where your advancement revolves around taking advantage of what others do not know, and this leaves most poor people at a great disadvantage. Every attempt at wealth redistribution and state or worker ownership of the means of production in an attempt to eliminate classes has not been good through out history. It has resulted in mass poverty, stagnation of economic progress, famines and starvation due to economic inactivity and lack of productivity, oppression to maintain the peoples from revolting, and massive death on a scale that the world has never seen before during peace time. In more free economies, the economy has granted people unprecedented wealth in the history of the world. As well as unprecedented financial, social and political freedom, a dignified life and a productive, growing, progressing, innovating economy. So history tells us that you can try to change with a fundamental way of government like socialism and others but they have not worked yet.

Now I have no problem with helping people that are honestly trying to help themselves and being smart about it. However when it comes to couples that can barely support each other and then decide to have children to give their dismal life meaning and expect society to feed that child while screaming “don’t punish my baby for my mistakes.” Yes, its sad, a child is starving but it is their fault, don’t thread on me by trying to appeal to my sense of guilt.

Now the problem with the rich is they want to pump out whatever sells, release out their crappy electronics, pump out crappy music, pump out crappy short term solutions to expansive long term problems. You will always hear rich people saying the poor need to do this or that however the rich will never show how to do this though.They will never say, see this product we are putting out? Well, to be successful yourself you need to stop buying it and focus here, on school. You need to understand that this will be a very hard road and it will make no sense. Instead the rich want to talk in theory, yeah the poor should just try harder, they could be where I’m at. This is actually both true and false and in another time yes. If things go perfectly well, the children’s children of the current poor could be where you are at but that requires so much.

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