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Rice Bran

By Elkgrovemilling
ImageThe benefits of having rice bran in our Stable Mix products!
Its main advantage is its content of fat. Which is a whopping 10%. It is highly palatable and digestible for horses. With rice bran feed, horses get an additional supplement of …fiber. The advantage of which is that it prevents the horse from having any digestive problems. It also contains Gamma Orynzol which helps to build and repair muscles and also increase lean muscle mass of the horses. The body condition of the horses has improved after taking the supplements of rice bran. It contains vitamin B and several other minerals like thiamin, niacin etc (mentioned above) which take part in several chemical reactions and help to generate energy for the body. It eliminates the problems of digestion caused by mere grain feeding which contains high levels of carbohydrates. It works as a potential ingredient in the therapeutic diets which are given to horses who have the danger of tying up. Rice bran has known to work well for performance horses and for horses that are young and growing. However, it is important to understand that rice bran is only an addition and supplement to the horse’s diet. It should not replace the entire diet. The vitamin and mineral supplement needs to be provided for separately. But all in all, rice bran for horses has proved to be a boon for all horse owners.

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