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REWIND: Ultrasound - 'I'll Show You Mine'

Posted on the 23 January 2014 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic

REWIND: Ultrasound - 'I'll Show You Mine'After the most phenomenal period for British music was winding down in the late 90's, many of the most popular post-Britpop acts were fairly ordinary people like Travis, Coldplay and the Stereophonics. While these groups were winning most of the attention, there were a great number of far more inventive artists rising into the mainstream, who deserved far more success than they were awarded. The terrific glam-prog vibes of Ultrasound's material come across even more powerfully now than they did then, with the band's 2012 comeback LP 'Play For Today' dazzling all those who were lucky enough to hear it. The band's third full-length is on the way, and will be previewed at a series of gigs over the coming months. It has been described as "the most Ultrasound album so far, no rules, no compromise, nothing held back." They will preview the new material at The Fleece in Bristol on March 14, a place that I somehow haven't visited since seeing The Supernaturals there back in the summer of 1998! I also never got the chance to see Ultrasound first time round, so that will be a blast from the past in two ways. They also play London's legendary 100 Club on March 20, a show that promises to be "loaded with energy, vibration and human sweat!" Having hired the venue themselves, every penny will go to the band, so that they can "pay our small team on the night fairly, and after petrol put the rest in the piggy bank for the 3rd album. Purity of purpose and fair exchange...". 

More info on that event can be found HERE. In the meantime, here's a superb tune they released back in 1998. Backed with the enchanting harmonies of bassist Vanessa Best and sparkling with Richard Green's spellbinding guitar lines, 'I'll Show You Mine' really hits the heart when frontman Tiny lets rip during that magical chorus, a glorious non-album single that is Ultrasound at their pop pinnacle. You can read an interview HERE that I did with Tiny and Vanessa a couple of months ago where they talk about the 3rd album and their marvelous winter solstice-themed festive single 'Modranicht'. A review of 'Play For Today' from a couple of years back can be found HERE.


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