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Rewind: R.E.M. - Suspicion

Posted on the 01 November 2018 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic
R.E.M. released their underrated 11th album Up 20 years ago this week on 26 October 1998. From it comes the sweet mysteries of the gently alluring 'Suspicion'. This song would be released as a single in 1999, and unbelievably failed to make the UK Top 40.

With subtle hints of electronics and more effective use of arrangements, this was the group's first album following the departure of drummer Bill Berry the previous year. In his place were drum machines and session drummers. Apparently, the group almost split while recording 'Up'. A good job they didn't since it's a fine record. Read a review of it and listen in full HERE.

Three years later, R.E.M decided to take a step backwards with the more commercial 'Reveal'. More albums would follow, until the band's split in 2010.

Rewind: R.E.M. - Suspicion

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