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REWIND: Primal Scream - '2013'

Posted on the 12 June 2014 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic

REWIND: Primal Scream - '2013'Today I turn 30 years old. I'm not too happy about it, but we all have to age. When I think of the great music I have enjoyed over the previous three decades, it makes me wonder just how good the next ten years are going to be. Will the soundtrack to my 30s be as good as the ones I enjoyed in my 20s and teen years? I will have to wait and see. In the meantime, here's one of my favorite tracks of my 20s.
Running at over 70 minutes, Primal Scream's 2013 LP 'More Light' is the sprawling sound of a reinvigorated group giving it all they've got and stretching their musical imaginations to the limits, sounding vital and important once again. The explosive nine minute opener '2013' is the sound of thrilling confrontation that perfectly defines the state of modern culture. While others are either afraid to protest or not concerned, here is a fine and all too rare modern day example of a dire political, social and cultural climate provoking a powerful musical reaction, and Primal Scream are just the band to do it. 

"We’re living in very extreme times, but that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the music that I hear or the art that I see," says Bobby Gillespie, "It seems that people are either anaesthetised, or they just don’t care. There’s no sense of revolt or resistance in art at the moment, whether it be music or the visual arts... I just feel that at the moment, that rock ‘n’ roll or rock musicians are either tranquillised, or they don’t care. Our songs kind of deal with that issue. We’re saying, ‘Where are the angry voices? Where’s the protest? Why’s nobody protesting? Why’s everybody silent?’". Characterised by dissonance, angry rasping sax and a heavy rock beat are joined by the sounds of some mind blowing guitar from Kevin Shields.

Read my full review of 'More Light' HERE. Uber cool, catsuited Primal Scream bass lady Simone Butler hosts the 'Naked Lunch' radio show on Soho Radio every Monday, and more info on that can be found HERE.


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