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REWIND: Oasis - 'Angel Child'

Posted on the 05 March 2015 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic
REWIND: Oasis - 'Angel Child'Noel Gallagher Week on RW/FF continues with another Noel-sung Oasis treasure, Unless you were living under a rock at the time, you may remember the ridiculous hype that surrounded the release of the third Oasis album 'Be Here Now' in the summer of 1997. A few months previous, the band unleashed the sprawling 7 minute single 'D'You Know What I Mean', which sent radio listeners into a frenzy when it was premiered for the first time. Such was their massive popularity at the time that even the B sides from the single received daytime Radio 1 airplay. Although I can clearly remember Mark and Lard referring to the wonderful acoustic 'Angel Child' as "a bit of a rubbish one", I love it just as much as the A side, and still think it deserved a place on 'Be Here Now' itself. A couple of years ago I wrote an epic article on 'Be Here Now', which you can read HERE.

REWIND: Oasis - 'Angel Child'

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