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REWIND: Ash - 'Angel Interceptor'

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic

REWIND: Ash - 'Angel Interceptor'Would I class Ash as a "Britpop" band? Like I explained yesterday, "Britpop means two things to me: music made by certain types of indie guitar bands released between 1994-1996, and the wider definition of Britpop that can be used to describe anything great and British that was popular in the 90s." Northern Irish three-piece Ash were more like the latter, but did arrive between 94 and 96... However their brand of indie pop-punk was undoubtedly different to the likes of Marion, Shed Seven, Menswear and Northern Uproar. 'Angel Interceptor' was on the other side of the rare 'Girl From Mars' 7" single given to me by my Dad after he had removed it from the jukebox at the club he managed during the mid 90s, the record that became the first Ash music to be added to my collection and certainly not the last. 'Angel Interceptor' was released as the third single from their debut album '1977', and was issued in October 1995. 


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