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REWIND: 808 State 'Qmart (Feat. Björk)'

Posted on the 08 November 2013 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic
REWIND: 808 State 'Qmart (Feat. Björk)'By now many of you will be familiar with my '1 To Z' feature. I'm gradually building up an epic series of songs from every single band and artist in my collection, playing two or three each week on my radio show The BPS Broadcast.  That's the plan anyway. Weeks and weeks ago, I played the 808 State track 'Qmart' on the show as part of '1 To Z', and have foolishly forgotten to include it as a "Rewind" track. So here it is. 

According to this Bjork fansite HERE: "Towards the end of 1990, Björk called 808 State's Graham Massey, expressing interest in finding someone to program beats, work on some tunes, and perhaps meet up. She didn't reveal herself, just stated she was an Icelandic songwriter, but Massey suspected it was her. The pair met for the first time in a British TV studio, where Massey and his cohorts had just appeared on 'The Word'. Björk played a demo tape, which contained songs that would later be on 'Debut', but all recorded with a brass quartet. Massey, intrigued by Björk's idea, agreed to collaborate with her once 808 State had completed their next record. "She was due to fly back to Iceland and I woke up the next morning with a funny feeling about the situation. I felt like it was worth a try to try something out and see how it was" says Massey... 'Qmart' is taken from the 1991 album 'Ex:el', which reached number 4 on the UK Album Charts. According to Wikipedia, it was the first pop-oriented electronic-music album to feature guest vocals on a few tracks by important indie rock/alternative rock artists, another thing that soon became commonplace on pop-oriented electronic-music albums...

REWIND: 808 State 'Qmart (Feat. Björk)'

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