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Revv It Up: Ready? Set Goals

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

There is a theme this week on Clever…did ya catch it?

It’s GOAL Setting.

Revv It Up: Ready? Set Goals

Yep, earlier this week we had our awesome contributor Nailah on deck with Part 4 of the Side Hustle Series.  If you are just starting a biz and working your day job, you have got to CHECK. THIS. OUT.

Revv It Up: Ready? Set GoalsPart 1: Decide your hustle (what you want to do)

Part 2: Pick your ideal client

Part 3: Clarify your offer (the benefits of working with you)

Part 4: Set your GOALS

And just a few more steps to go.  Stay tuned!

If you’ve been in business for a bit and are working on growing, leveraging your time, or just getting A LOT busier next year then Revv It Up is your ticket.

Part 1: A year in review (where you are at now)

Part 2: Your big dreams (what and why determine how)

Part 3: Gratitude will get you everywhere

Now that you recognize and appreciate what you have done so far + you have explored your biggest dreams + understand why you are doing this – it’s time to create the plan for how you’re going to get to the next level.

Here’s How:

1. Set the Big Picture Goals.

For both Business and your Personal life, determine what you want to accomplish by {around} this time next year.

The BIG picture goals should align with your dream.

Say your big dream is to have a business that allows you to work abroad.  The requirements for that would be A: Setting up systems that function without you (whether that’s autoresponders, e-products or product fulfillment services, a team or staff to handle customer service, etc.)   B: Establishing a stable income that can support your lifestyle and sustain the business C: Defining your role in a way that allows you to work on a different schedule

In order to meet those requirements, your Goals would be something like

     1. Launch 3 digital products

     2. Develop a virtual training program that operates a couple times a month

     3. Make $150,000 in net sales

     4. Pay off any business debt

     5. Hire a virtual assistant to manage customer service and marketing

2. Look at these big goals in relation to where you are now.

How much more would you have to make & do to achieve these goals?  Is it feasible?  If the answer is YES let’s move on…

3. Establish Milestone Goals

Note: It’s really helpful to lay these out by Quarter, but if you prefer to just list out projects and assign dates – that works too.

Each of your milestone goals should support your at least one of your  Big Picture Goals goals.  Some of your goals will take all year, others can be accomplished in a shorter timeframe.  So set your milestones accordingly.

For example, G1 is to launch 3 digital products.   In order to create 3 amazing products it’s probably best to space them out a bit.  So let’s say you launch 1 per quarter beginning in Q2.

In Q1 your milestones (in relation to G1) might be 1. Develop the outlines for all 3 products 2. Gather resources and information

Q2 you develop and launch product #1

Q3 you develop and launch product #2

Q4 you develop and launch product #3

Make sense?

To make things neat and easy-peezy I created a Goals worksheet for you.

Revv It Up: Ready? Set Goals

Download the worksheet

Next week we’re talking money ["Isn't it rude to talk about Money?"  "Hell no. It's essential, so put your big kids pants on and meet me back here.]

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