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Revolutionary Wireless Vacuum Cleaners

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Hard as it may seem to believe, wireless in this case refers to the wonder of a vacuum cleaner without a long cable that everyone trips over and gets tangled in, not the more common use of wireless in these days of wi-fi.
I was surprisingly inspired by a friend’s
unplugged cordless vacuum cleaner and envied the ease with which she could get into every corner without disentangling herself, the children the dog, etc. Surely, I should have had one of these earlier? After all, we’ve had one for the car for years, although the charge doesn’t last long and the suction is pretty rubbish – perhaps the reason I’ve never thought of getting one for the home.
Those were my concerns; the seeming ease of getting around the house without having to fight with endless extension leads and cables while plugging and unplugging to get everywhere, and then carrying the vac up the stairs, were far outweighed by memories of the car vac and its running out of charge before the job was done.
But that’s not the case with the more recent cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner - yes, I invested in one myself quite quickly! It’s lightweight and once charged lasts for up to an hour – more than enough time to get around the house and it makes accessing the bathroom so much easier too. It saves time and energy and my frustration at managing the cable while vacuuming. It also means that I don’t give up on those corners I can’t reach as the cable won’t stretch far enough and, let’s be honest, who can be bothered to mess around with unplugging and finding a closer socket for that five centimetres you can’t quite reach?
Even better, it appears that the children are quite taken with it and want to have a go! I’m not sure how long the novelty will last, but extra help with cleaning the house is always appreciated.
So the
unplugged vacuum cleaner has revolutionised my cleaning routine. Not only has it attracted extra helpers, but it really is easier and quicker to do the job, giving me more time to do other things.
Turning up unannounced at a friend’s house, and catching her in the middle of her chores may not have made me popular, but she’s certainly much more popular with me!
I wouldn’t be parted from my
cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner
now and am hoping that there will be many more such appliances. Or perhaps one I can control remotely from my armchair using my phone... maybe in the future.
In the meantime, my new toy is wonderful and it’s amazing how simple things can make life that much easier!
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